1st September 2019, Chennai

Museum Theatre

7pm - 9pm

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 Step into the world of storytelling... 

kathai + kalatta

Three friends, a Storyteller, a Travel Agent, a Corporate Event  Manager, got together at their school alumni meeting and discovered their love for regaling stories from the past.

When the Storyteller said, "I have stories", the Travel agent said "I can tour the stories", the Corporate event manager said "I can sell it"!!!

Voila! Kathaikalatta was born...


Jeeva Raghunath being the Kathai (Story) and the other two,  Kanchana Manavalan & Kausalya Padmanabhan (selling & touring) being the Kalatta. We are together as  Kathaikalatta organizing wonderful events connecting the world through " Under The Aalamaram", our International storytelling initiative.

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Kathai Kalatta

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