Kanchana Manavalan

Jeeva Raghunath

Kausalya Padmanaban


Under The Aalamaram is the brainchild of Kathai Kalatta - a company founded by three school friends from Vidyodaya, Chennai

(Jeeva Raghunath, Kausalya Padmanaban and Kanchana Manavalan), who seek to bring "Storytelling" to the fore.

In the first successful edition held in Chennai and Pune in August 2014, storytellers from Thailand, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and India, had audiences captivated with stories and interactive workshops.

Our 2015 edition held in Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune, saw storytellers entertain and train both children and adults from different walks of life with stories, puppetry, ventriloquism and a couple of catchy tunes. There were exciting workshops for teachers, parents, and the corporate community. Exclusive Showcases with a riot of stories and entertainment,  featuring all the tellers on one platform saw happy crowds in Chennai and Bengaluru. 

For schools  who are unable to send children to the venue due to prior engagements, we feel very strongly that the loss is irreparable. Hence, this year for the first time we have begun the "Travelling Tellers Initiative" where International Storytellers will come as individuals at different times to Chennai. We take storytellers closer home to educate the children on the fantastic art of telling and listening.